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What is Google Business View?

With the success of Google Street View, Google has integrated the features of Street View and developed Google Business View. Google Business View gives users the ability to virtually “stand” in a location with a 360° photographic view of the area. The high-quality panoramic imagery will allow customers to enter your business and walk around as if they were physically there, this made it possible for users to literally visualize the interior of a business at the comfort of their home.

The fully interactive walk-through tours and photos will be uploaded to your Google Places page. If you like, you can also feature them on your website, Facebook page or even share the link on other social media platforms.

With Business View, you are able to invite your customers to take a Google Virtual Tour of your business on Google Search, Google Maps, and even Google+.



Stand Out on Google Search Results Page with Business View and Maximize your Business Exposure

Google Business View

How can Google Business View benefit your business

Humans process visual information more efficiently than text, this means that visuals are the first thing that captures a consumer’s attention, which can subsequently influence buying decisions.

With Google Business View, it gives you a competitive advantage whenever consumers search for services on Google. High quality visuals turn listing into an eye-catching invitation, and as a result, users are more interested to click, explore and interact with your company. Investing in Google Business View will help your company to standout among competitors’ listings during a search. This is also due to a fact that Google Business View is still relatively new, thus many businesses are not aware of such beneficial marketing tool.

Google business view engage customers and gives businesses a chance to expose the inside of their business to show people what they have to offer.

Open your doors to existing and future potential customers who are actively searching on Google today!

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