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At JJ BUZZ CLOUD, we provide the following office setup services:


New Office IT Setup


The corporate world today is highly-competitive. Businesses cannot afford downtime resulting from any kind of business interruption even if it is relocation or expansion related. Downtime can cost you millions of dollars. In other words, business continuity is a must to compete successfully with a winning edge.

To cater to more clients and to support business growth, operational expansion is a must. Integrating new IT systems and equipment to your existing IT architectural landscape can be tricky, tedious and time-consuming which can hamper your operations and bring your business to a stand-still for hours and in some cases, even days.

For quick and smooth office IT setup, consider working with JJ Buzz Cloud. Unlike other service providers, at JJ Buzz Cloud, our office setup services are well-planned and organised.

From planning to procurement, setup and commissioning of your new office IT setup, we make sure the entire process of your new business setup is carried swiftly and smoothly without any hassle and completed on schedule and on budget.

Our team of experienced and skilled IT consultants work with your IT department and management team to coordinate, plan and implement the new office IT setup process in minimal time, ensuring your business is up and running as quickly as possible.

At JJ Buzz Cloud, we make sure your business expansion is completely stress-free. Our experts work according to the plan and ensure your infrastructure is integrated and deployed the right way in your IT landscape.

Our IT Setup services include but are not limited to server setup and configuration, desktop tablet and laptop setup and configuration, copier and printer setup and office network setup with internet access.



Office Relocation IT Support


Serving the industry for several years now, at JJ Buzz Cloud, we know how crucial it is for organisations across industries to ensure business continuity with zero downtime. And this is why we work with a new and unique approach when it comes to IT equipment relocation.

AtJJ Buzz Cloud, our IT specialists first examine your new location. We identify and eliminate any issues that we come across to ensure the IT and server relocation is carried out smoothly without any delays and minimal downtime. We review your technological equipment and examine your new premises jointly. It helps us pinpoint the changes that are much needed to ensure smooth IT infrastructure setup once the equipment is relocated.

For example, we take power outlets, type of phones and reassembly into consideration. We consider the electrical work like pre-wiring; PDU and UPS installation that you may need to quickly setup your IT equipment with utmost ease. We make sure all issues are addressed timely so that you don’t experience any delay in installing and deploying your IT equipment into your new business landscape.

From provisioning and coordinating internet connections, to inventorying all systems and providing a detailed report to testing hardware, software and server connectivity, we take care of all the aspects. And to ensure your business operations run smoothly even during the relocation phase, we offer you direct access to work emails so that you have no issues communicating with workers located at remote locations. Besides this, we also make sure that your business website is up and running even when your business is on the move.


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