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What is IT Security Audit?

When talked about, people often find that there is no formal definition for a security audit, and they are quite confused about the legal requirement for a specific function called a security audit. So, what is it?

A security audit is actually the final and important step in the implementation of your security defences. First of all, you need to undertake a risk analysis to discover your assets and your risks before you develop a security policy to define what you are going to defend and how you are going to defend it.

The policy enforcement involves quite a lot of methods which includes security products. Lastly, you undertake a security audit to check the efficiency of those methods. In other words, a security audit is the process of testing and ensuring that a company’s assets are fully protected.

Who needs IT Security Audit?

Simply put, you need a security audit in order to ensure that your security systems are working. A good security audit will actually point out the weakness in your existing defences.

Another reason to undertake security audits is due to the increasing incidence and complexity of legislation designed to counter cyber terrorism and protect personal privacy throughout the world. In other words, the only way you can prove compliance with some these laws is through documented security audits.

IT Security Audit

Should I get Security Audit?

As a matter of fact, your security policies are your foundation. There is no proper guideline to determine the level of risk without established policies and standards. As of now, the constant changes of technology are much more rapidly than business policies and it must be reviewed more often. Also, software vulnerabilities are discovered daily. Therefore, a yearly security assessment by an objective third party is necessary to ensure that security guidelines are followed.


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