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IT Auditing Services

We provide IT auditing services that enable organizations to gain insight into the threats inherent in today’s highly complex technologies. We ensure that your IT risks, key management priorities and core systems are being appropriately managed.


We will be reviewing the IT infrastructure components specification, identify problem areas/highlight potential key risk areas and propose recommendations for remediation to address the identified problem areas and potential key risks. IT infrastructure monitoring requirements, including network, middleware and system software with specific industry requirements, proposing of relevant tools to achieve desired outcome will also be carried out as part of the reviewing process.

General IT controls reviews

  • Detailed operating system security reviews (NT, W200x, UNIX, mainframes)
  • Internet and firewall testing
  • Application reviews
  • Pre and post system implementation reviews
  • Database reviews (Oracle, ingress, SQL Server)
  • IT disaster recovery and business continuity reviews
IT Auditing Service

Our responsibilities also include validating of component’s performance ability and scalability options to ensure project’s non-functional requirements can be met. Validate the setup and configuration of each component to ensure correctness and completeness according to the Bill of Materials and Configuration Document and lastly, identify problem areas and/or highlight potential key risk areas.

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