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IT Auditing

No business is 100 percent safe. Whether you are operating online or offline, it is important that you continuously audit your IT infrastructure, business processes and network security systems to assess the potential threats, technology risks and vulnerabilities your business is potentially exposed to. This calls for IT auditing.

IT auditing services are designed to analyse technical infrastructure components at detailed levels. IT audits helps you identify and navigate through a sea of risks smoothly and proactively so that your business experiences minimal impact from these potential threats which otherwise can damage your business and lower productivity. Audits help focus on and address specific areas of concern and risk factors.

Under this service, experienced IT auditors identify both external sources of risk, such as through the internet, and internal risks.

Comprehensive IT system audits help auditors perform reviews and recognize threats and risks your business may be exposed to. Based on the audit, a detailed report is provided along with proper risk mitigation plan and solutions to help you ensure the effectiveness, integrity, reliability and security of your IT systems. IT Audits help businesses take proactive security measures to mitigate risks that can otherwise bring your business to a halt. At JJ Buzz Cloud, we are specialists at IT Auditing.

Our IT Auditing Services


IT Auditing Services
We at JJ Buzz Cloud, go the extra mile to provide you the best in IT auditing services. And this is evident through our procedures like validating component performance and scalability options, to ensure your business can smoothly cope with the challenges that today’s dynamic corporate world presents, and ensure data integrity.

From operating system security review to internet and firewall testing to database reviews and analysis of your existing IT disaster recovery methods, we provide you all types of IT auditing services. We strive to target and identify all risk factors that can impact your business continuity and lower competency, be it internally or externally. We appropriately analyze all your technology risks that relate to your critical business processes.


IT Security Audit
At JJ Buzz Cloud, our experienced audit specialists help businesses across diverse industries gain quality insights into the threats your company is most likely exposed to. Leveraging our technical knowledge and audit process expertise, we review your IT landscape and infrastructure, pinpoint and address all potential risk factors. Based on our report findings, we propose relevant tools that can help you mitigate risks.

A security audit is actually the final and important step in the implementation of your security defences. First of all, you need to undertake a risk analysis to discover your assets and your risks before you develop a security policy to define what you are going to defend and how you are going to defend it.

IT Audit Services
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