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Storage Solution

Storage efficiency is our primary focus to address and drive lower IT expenses and operations for our customers. Our storage solution services include Data Protection, Storage Consolidation, Disaster Recovery Solution
and Replication Solution.

As business expands, high-demand workloads and data growth are forcing storage solutions to become larger and more complex, pushing the scalability limits of aging media and platforms. At the same time, client’s applications and the growth in end-user data demands are pushing many of today’s storage architectures to their limits in performance, availability and capacity. Data loss can also happen at any time and to any organisation or individual. Storage growth and data loss concerns can result in significant challenges for your organization.


At JJ Buzz Cloud Systems, we can assist you by consolidating traditional storage environments into unified storage solutions with balance performance, capacity and availability. At the same time, protecting your data and provide recovery and replication solution if needed. We are able to plan and design a storage solution that fits the needs of your organization today, while also being flexible and able to adapt to future requirements. We will deploy the solution using the best practices and standards as identified by the manufacturer for a fully functioning system. As your data continues to grow over time, fret not as we will be there for upgrades and expansion services.

We have a good name in storage services and facilities. We make sure that our client has pay a one-time consolidated fee for storing that huge data it has. From data protection to storage consolidation, we have a huge expertise in every bit of them and we make sure that our client has the maximum possible profit with a minimalistic cost and that too with a hundred percent data security guarantee. At JJ Buzz Cloud Systems, we offer fast, convenient and cost-effective data recovery, replication, protection and consolidation solutions for clients who are facing storage issues.

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