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Smart Home Solution



The advanced technology is like the magical wand of a witch. A witch does things with just a switch while technology enables us to do things with a simple touch, from our work to our home.
If smartphones are one of the major tech developments this era, a next big leap in technology is the development of smart homes.

What is Smart Home Solution

The concept is pretty simple, it’s like automatic to-do lists for the connected electronics in your home. Simply put, it is a smart solution that connects everything of your home in one device, and you can manage it even you are not physically at home.

The smart home solution allows you to keep up with high-tech functionality that wasn’t possible in the past, and it demonstrates simplicity and convenience of modern life. This can be achieved through networking, central control and the automation of housing.

Why Smart Home Solution?



1. Manage you home in one place
Manage your home with a common network that connects the devices, appliances and systems of your home, from your smartphone or a mobile device.

2. Safeguard your home with maximum security
Incorporate security and surveillance features (surveillance cameras, automated door locks, and other tangible security measures) in your smart home network, and you can monitor your home efficiently, even you are thousand miles away from home.

3. Manage your life on finger tips
It’s no longer a myth for busy working parents to remote control their home with a single touch. Imagine this: Your children are home and hungry but you’re still at work, you need to be home as soon as possible. With the smart home solution, you can preheat your oven while you’re still on your way home, as though you are having a smart kitchen on your finger tip. You can even check to see if you left the lights on, or have you turn off all the medias when you left in a hurry. Isn’t it wonderful?

4. Assisted living for disabled and elderly
Smart homes, with advanced appliances that can be controlled remotely, are being heralded as the game-changer for the life of disabled and elderly. The smart home solutions allow them to live independently, with good quality. They don’t have to worry about groping in the dark or forget their medicines, because technology will help them to get through the difficulties in daily life!



What Are the Smart Solutions We Have for You?
• Motion Sensor: detect motions and alert the user of the presence of a moving object that is within the field of view of the sensor. Motion sensors are a key component of security systems.

• CCTV: enhance security at home with the advance technology

• Smart Plug: A device that enables you to set a plug to switch on or off at a pre-determined time.

• Smart Door Lock: It’s a lock that you can lock (and unlock )without a key as well as you can monitor and control remotely

• Lighting control: Raise or dim any light in the room or the entire house with a single touch( or using just your voice).

• Home Theatre: it’s not just a set of good audio system but a smart way to manage your home theatre experience, with one universal remote.

If you are looking at home management insights with smart home ideas, talk to us and let’s work out a smart and technologically-engaged home solutions, for you and your family.

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