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Modern Data Center Setup

A data center is a facility that is used by companies and organisations to store the computer systems and its associate components, which are for example telecommunications and storage systems.

Why A Modern Data Center Is Needed

The IT operations of an organisation is one of the most crucial aspects of the business. Without a fully functioning, top performing IT facility, it would be hard for an organisation to run its business to its full potential, especially when organisations rely heavily on information systems to run its operations.

A reliable and sound IT infrastructure is crucial to any organisation. The businesses of today are demanding more storage and resources, and the older model data centers just can’t keep up with the demands that are required.

A modern data center is not only a cost-effective option, but it also is very efficient and responsive compared to the older data center facilities. An organisation’s data center must be modernized to take advantage of the performance and energy efficient increases of the newer IT equipment and capabilities.

A modern data center must be able to offer a secure environment. Information security is a big concern in the industry, and modern data centers need to be built to address this concern to minimise the risks of security breaches. A modern data center must be set up with high standards in place to ensure the security and functionality of its hosted computer environment.


How to Set Up a Modern Data Center

A couple of aspects need to be considered when setting up a modern data center. It’s not as simple as just setting up an IT room within the organisation and the job is done. In fact, a lot of established organisations already have an existing data center, why spend all that time, money and effort into upgrading and modernising it?

The answer is simple – because modern data centers allows organisations to increase the computer and data storage and capacity quickly and efficiently without spending far too much money in the long run. Organisations run better, and serve better, and save time and money at the end of the day.

When setting up a modern data center, the following details should be kept in mind during the set-up process as a guideline:

• Is it modular? – A modular center is simpler and a lot more flexible, which means building blocks can be added and removed as needed by the IT personnel.

• Is it hybrid? – Hybrid cloud environments combined two needs into one – businesses can still use the public cloud for some things, and business critical applications (especially ones involving confidential data) can still be kept safe.

• Is it empowering end users? – Modern centers allow center managers to address a wider workload demand range to meet the growing market demands.

• Is it reducing silos? – Increasing the functionality of data centers means there is less need for highly specialised staff to get the job done.

• Is it focused on service continuity? – modern centers must be highly available and able to reach multiple sites, regions and data centers always.

• Is it combining computing & storage? – Converging where possible means fewer dedicated resources are used and needed.

Building a modern center is not just about building anymore, but it is about being savvy to achieve the best results overall.


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