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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM consists all of the best practices of CRM – the flexibility, familiarity, and functionality. It’s a solution that helps organizations in all industries to maximise the value of customer relationships with current customers and forge relationships with new ones. Easy-to-use and flexible, it empowers your people with tools that increase knowledge sharing and simplify account management.

The sales force automation, customer service and marketing modules align and empower your people to focus on what’s most important. And its flexible architecture allows for easy customization so you can mold the application to your specific needs.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s Key Ingredients


>> Comfortable, intuitive look and feel that your people are already familiar with
>> Streamlines the way your people communicate with customers and collaborate with one another
>> Flexible platform allows you to define the relationships between the people, money, services and anything that is important to your organization; and manage the information and interactions between these relationships



Don't Just Manage Your Customers, IMPRESS THEM


Works the Way You Do

  • Turns Microsoft Outlook into the one place where you manage customer information, email messaging, and calendar scheduling.
  • Familiar, intuitive user interface, accessed from within Outlook or any internet connection.
  • Tight integration with Microsoft Office, including Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

Works the Way Your Business Does

  • Out of the box, feature rich modules for Sales, Marketing and Service management.
  • Point and click customization’s so you can tailor the application for your organization.
  • Workflow automation that streamlines business processes and eliminates time-consuming tasks.

Works the Way Technology Should

  • Scalable industry-standard Microsoft platform that leverages your existing technology investments.
  • Rapid deployment and low cost support.
  • Simple and fast connectivity to legacy systems and external data sources.

Sales, Customer Service, Marketing and Extended CRM


From Outlook, employees will access Microsoft Dynamics CRM sales, marketing, and customer-service modules to make sales decisions, market products and get strategic views of the business. In addition, you will be able to create a centralized repository of customer data that will sit neatly alongside Microsoft Office and Outlook – the applications most employees use every day.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can easily be customized for “Extended CRM” scenarios and enhance the value of all relationships, improve business relevance, drive operational excellence and increase business insights.

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