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Email Security

Protect Your Email With Email Security. Protect Your Business!


Email communications form the backbone of collaboration in various types of businesses today. As critical aspects of the workflow, emails are also becoming increasingly difficult to manage as they are open to vulnerabilities like spam, worms, viruses, and cyber thefts.

At JJ Buzz Cloud, we realize that today’s dynamic business structure means that your email stability is often compromised. This is why we provide 365 Email Security – a flagship security solution that protects you and your confidential information across all horizons.

Whether you want to anti spam protection or need to backup your emails, our email security solution will exceed your expectations.





365 Email Security – The All-Inclusive Email Security Package



JJ Buzz Cloud strives to help its clients ensure that their emails are always up and running without the risk of data loss, theft, or other mishaps that may occur.



Our 365 Email Security service includes:


email security

Anti Spam Virus Protection
With 24/7 monitoring and support from our email security experts, you get spam and virus protection from the best. Our cost effective solution enables you to get comprehensive security without any hardware or software integration. The pre-designed filters enable us to stop potential malicious emails from reaching your network, while anything suspicious is quarantined and presented to the user daily. This enables you to avoid spam and viruses without missing important emails.


Business Email Continuity
The last thing you need is an untimely server failure or power outage when you need to deliver internal and/or external emails. This is where Business Email Continuity can help you by providing instant access to your mail. Doing so enables you to view and reply to messages issued in the last 60 days, along with receiving new messages. Once the servers are running, all messages received while offline will be made available promptly. Our email continuity service is designed to be available at all times.


Email Backup & Archiving
Maintain regulatory compliance and optimize your business’s disaster recovery (BDR) strategies with automated backups. By securely storing messages and enabling archiving, we reduce risks and costs on your behalf. Email archiving enables you to perform regulatory and internal audits to meet requirements, whereas backups help you gain access to invaluable data in case something goes wrong.


Secured Email Delivery
Secured delivery enables you to block, quarantine, or encrypt messages and data that may either be confidential, inappropriate, or risky if it falls into the wrong hands. Our content-aware email delivery system ensures that all users comply with the security policies that your organization adheres to, by delivering emails from end to end, by encrypting messages and data.

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