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Virtual Desktop Services

Despite the constantly changing technology, there are trends that remain the same. As the hardware gets cheaper, new application gets more complex and advance, the virtual desktop continues to develop with no exception. Here’s why.

Why virtual desktop service?

1. More mobility: Virtual desktop services enable users to connect to virtual desktop remotely. Users can always access remote connections from their PC/laptop anywhere, anytime.

2. More flexibility: Securely and cost-effectively bridge traditional desktop management with mobility-centric use cases. A remote-access to all the apps, files, and network resources as if you were sitting right in front of the PC. In other words, this will help improving remote worker efficiency, while helping to keep critical intellectual property secure and simplify regulatory compliance.

3. Everyone is on the same page: Every desktop user can utilize the same image. For one thing, virtual desktops provide end-users with a familiar experience.


The key features of virtual desktop service:

1. Management Portal: 2 users can access the virtual desktop at the same time.

2. Increased Security: Restrict IP address to access to Virtual Desktop for security reasons. Restrict user to be the standard user without administrator access

3. Better Performance: Disable clipboard function (disable the function to copy file from Virtual Desktop to your PC to prevent any transfer of viruses from virtual desktop to PC. However, you can copy files from your PC to virtual desktop).

4. Lower Latency: Latency always manifests as a delay. At low latencies, data should transfer almost instantaneously.

How to connect?

Just by connecting to virtual desktop using ‘Remote Desktop Connection’ software in your PC and key in the IP address, username and password.
Server type: Using Microsoft Windows Server 2012 RTM

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