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JJ Buzz Cloud Systems Pte Ltd ‘s affiliated partner offers its clients with great AWS channel reseller program, which enables qualified partners to resell these AWS services for the public and commercial sector end customers. The program has been designed for Our Partners who are delivering professional services to management offend customer AWS deployments like Digital Agencies, Value Added Resellers, Managed Service Providers, and System Integrators.

The AWS Channel Reseller program through Our Partner will add value of your customer experience through end-to-end based AWS offerings. The main benefits of the program have been identified in the following ways:

Ideal Value Added Reseller profile

Once you have adopted the AWS channel reseller program, you can take advantage of the ideal value added reseller profile and its benefits, which include:

  • Ability to deploy, position and architect cloud based solutions
  • Offering multi-vendor solutions to businesses so that they can solve their issues
  • The ability to manage your clients on a different billing model
  • Professional/consulting services from firms that provide value added services on AWS
  • Acquire strategic business plans in order to create monthly usage for cloud based services

Benefits of the program

When you choose to make use of the AWS Channel Reseller Program, you will get an APN as your partner who will ensure that you can enjoy exclusive business benefits, which can include:

Business Support

  • License Rights to Resell AWS to End Customers
  • Create & Manage Customer Accounts
  • Management Support & Business Planning
  • AWS Channel Reseller Discounts
  • Access to AWS Technology Partner Ecosystem

Marketing Support

  • Designated AWS Channel Reseller Logo
  • Participation at AWS-Hosted Events
  • Placement as an AWS Channel Reseller in the AWS Partner Directory
  • Marketing Content Support & Press Release

Enablement Tools

  • Program On boarding & Operational Training
  • Partner Solution Architect Support
  • Partner Enablement Toolkit
  • Exclusive AWS Channel Reseller Training Webinars
  • AWS Support for Partners

The Amazon Web Services that we provide include a wide range of global compute, database, analytics, applications, and deployment and storage services. This will help organizations to lower their scale applications and reduce IT costs. These services are used by some of the largest enterprises and startups around the world in a variety of different ways, which include data processing, archiving, storing, warehousing, web and mobile applications, and many others.

If you really want to realize the potential of AWS Channel Reseller Program, then you need to check out the benefits it will provide you, explained neatly in the key advantages for customers:


Key Advantages for Customers

  • Global reach for taking your applications anywhere in a matter of minutes
  • Agility and speed for deploying and developing your applications faster
  • Eliminating all guesswork from your infrastructure for flexible capacity
  • Replacing upfront infrastructure with reduced monthly costs
  • Reducing your complete IT costs
  • Focusing on projects so that you can focus on the business not the infrastructure

Key Advantages for Resellers

  • There will be no changes in the technical aspect of AWS, as it will provide you with full access dialogue, resources, and portals.
  • You can get aggregated discounts, which will ensure that you get higher profits.
  • The finance options available to you will offer you with upfront RI’s that have minimal paperwork and spread payments.
  • A simplified billing system is in place for financial teams that come with Our Cloud Services, billing platform, which will help retain full reporting capabilities for technical teams.
  • Make it easier to shift from invoice, credit card or from us in the local currency, which will ensure that you get cheaper rates for credit cards.

Program Prerequisites

If you are interested in becoming an APS consulting partner, you should learn about the requirement details for getting an AWS Channel Reseller license before you apply. Call us now to get all the information needed.

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