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Cloud Solution in Egypt

The new paradigm shift to cloud computing is not just a fad but rather, is here to stay. Companies across industries in Egypt are now rapidly switching to the cloud. They are adopting cloud solutions for many reasons. Mainly, cloud computing allows businesses to access software products as services which means businesses can leverage the power of popular suite programs like Microsoft Office 365 in the cloud, eliminating the need to do lengthy and manual updates, making it super easy to manage licensing and users.

Besides this, cloud technology also enables users to access their business from anywhere at any time from any device, facilitating business owners to go mobile and make real-time crucial business decisions without any delay. It also extends businesses a good disaster recovery option, helping users store sensitive and valuable business data in the cloud safely. So, even when disaster strikes, data can be recovered and operations resumed with zero downtime.

Cloud computing provides businesses a reliable and cost-effective solution to foster growth and conduct business in a safe and secure environment. It provides businesses a great way to carry out business operations smoothly and on the go, surpassing all limitations.

It presents a great way for entrepreneurs in Egypt or travelling out of Egypt to collaborate and communicate with clients and employees in any part of the world with ease and flexibility and make informed business decisions without long delays.

At JJ Buzz Cloud, we specialise in Cloud services. We provide you with the following cloud technology solutions:


Google Apps for Work

This is an advanced productivity suite based on cloud technology. It is designed and developed to help you and your team to collaborate and connect with each other at remote locations and get the work done smoothly as quickly as possible from anywhere and from any device. This SaaS cloud solution is easy to install and setup, and allows you, the user, to work smarter.

The Google Apps for Work is loaded with features to power up your business performance greatly. These include features like:

  • Gmail; that offers you the flexibility to email with Google powered search. It has 25GB storage, custom email addresses and offline support
  • Google Drive allows users to store heavy files in the cloud, access and easily share them from any device and any location
  • The calendar feature is perfect to schedule meetings that work for everyone, and get meeting reminders
  • Spreadsheet allows you to manage data faster with simple and easy to use click to edit charts
  • The Slides feature helps business owners create impactful presentations with advanced features like embed videos.

Besides these, other tools worth mentioning include video chat and Google+ integration. For security purpose, this cloud-based software is powered by 2 step verification where you have to enter your password and verification code. The business grade security and controls of this software ensures users that their company data over cloud is well-protected and safe.


Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 includes a suite of best and recognised Microsoft desktop, team collaboration and productivity tools delivered via the cloud. It provides users easy access to email, documents, web conferencing and calendar. The program is hosted by Microsoft and complies with business class security standards. This is a powerful cloud solution suited for businesses of all sizes. It can help you save money, time and more importantly, free up resources which can be dedicated to other more crucial business tasks.

The Office 365 cloud based software features tools like:

  • Microsoft SharePoint Online which helps connect and collaborate with partners, customers and peers
  • Microsoft Exchange Online includes facility like email, calendar, contacts, anti-spam and anti-virus solutions
  • Microsoft Lync Online facilitates users with services like instant messaging and online meeting

Other features of this software program that are designed to simplify work and increase team productivity include multi-party HD video, and content sharing.

Microsoft Office 365 is a powerful cloud based software program that helps businesses bridge communication gaps and operate more efficiently without any security risks or threats. Depending on the size of your business and needs, we at IT SOLUTION in partnership with Microsoft, provide you with three different types of Office 365 packages. These include:

  • Office 365 Basic
  • Office 365 Standard
  • Office 365 Professional

Amazon Web Services

JJ Buzz Cloud Systems Pte Ltd ‘s affiliated partner offers its clients with great AWS channel reseller program, which enables qualified partners to resell these AWS services for the public and commercial sector end customers. The program has been designed for Our Partners who are delivering professional services to management offend customer AWS deployments like Digital Agencies, Value Added Resellers, Managed Service Providers, and System Integrators.

The AWS Channel Reseller program through Our Partner will add value of your customer experience through end-to-end based AWS offerings.



Virtual Desktop Services in Egypt

Why virtual desktop service?

1. More mobility: Virtual desktop services enable users to connect to virtual desktop remotely. Users can always access remote connections from their PC/laptop anywhere, anytime.

2. More flexibility: Securely and cost-effectively bridge traditional desktop management with mobility-centric use cases. A remote-access to all the apps, files, and network resources as if you were sitting right in front of the PC. In other words, this will help improving remote worker efficiency, while helping to keep critical intellectual property secure and simplify regulatory compliance.

3. Everyone is on the same page: Every desktop user can utilize the same image. For one thing, virtual desktops provide end-users with a familiar experience.

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