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Backup Solutions for Comprehensive BDR Strategies

Back Up Solution

Did you know that server sales increased by an impressive 2.3% in 2014. In other words, total server sales accounted for $50.9 billion, which means that 9.2 million units were shipped just within the last year. That being said, backups remain low at just 30%. This shows that while more businesses are embracing technology, not many are willing to protect it.

However, failing to ensure that your business data, files, and records are sufficiently backed up could be detrimental. What is worse is the assumption that your corporate, sensitive, and customer data cannot get lost, stolen, or corrupted, as when this happens, it impacts the workflow all the way to the bottom line.

At JJ Buzz Cloud, we believe in empowering our clients with backup solutions that become an integral part of the business disaster recovery (BDR) strategy. This enables you to have a contingency plan that protects you from financial loss, workflow inefficiency, and penalties associated with regulatory noncompliance.


Why Choose Us?

What makes us the preferred choice for all types of businesses is the standards that we maintain in data storage and backups.

We backup your data at block level to protect company information.

Thus, our deployed systems enable you to restore operations within a couple of minutes in case of power outages, network failure, or other disruptions.

With block level compression and data redundancy, we also maintain physical and virtual backups of your company information without increasing costs.

At JJ Buzz Cloud, we realize that each business has its unique demands and circumstances when it comes to data backups and BDR strategies. This is why we encourage consultation to help you decide the best available option.


JJ Buzz Cloud Backup – All-In-One Backup & Disaster Recovery

JJ Buzz Cloud is your strategic backup partner in Singapore that can create a BDR plan for your business that is not only cost effective, but provides real-time backups and data replication as well. As such, your business can leverage on the flexibility of our backup solution.

Our backup solution ensures all your systems, networks, and departments are up and running in case of system failures or other disruptions.


Our backup services include:

  • Disaster Recovery – BDR is an integral part of any business today and our disaster recovery service helps you ensure that all your requirements are met. In case of disruptions or natural disasters, the systems we deploy will be up and running, giving you access to all the information and data you need to perform everyday operations.
  • Backup Software – Our state of the art backup software enables you to perform backups at block level with compression and data redundancy on the cloud. This helps you have a backup database that is protected with encryption to optimize security.
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