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Firewall—What Is It?

A Firewall can be best described as advanced network security software or hardware that is exclusively designed and developed to protect computer systems by keeping viruses, hackers and worms at bay. A Firewall protects your PC from possible threats over the internet that can otherwise damage your computer, and access & manipulate your confidential and private business data.

So, to ensure that your business data and computer systems are well protected, it’s important that you install a Firewall. Here, it is important to note that Windows versions like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP SP2 and other higher versions come with a built-in Firewall which turns on the PC by default. However, if you wish to protect all PCs in your office network, then you will have to get Firewall hardware like a router. This will ensure that all PCs in your network are protected from possible threats over the web and prevent your PCs from the risk of viral infections.

Simply put, a Firewall is important to ensure web security and to protect your PC from malicious codes and programs.

How Does a Firewall Work?

Now that you know about the function of a Firewall, let us take a look at the way it works. A Firewall works to control the information flowing between the internet and your PC. To keep viruses and malicious software programs at bay, a Firewall filters the data packets and information chunks which are sent via the web. This mechanism ensures that only that data which your PC is authorised to receive and send, is exchanged, filtering out the unauthorised data packets and information. Additionally, it also hides your PC’s IP so that your system is not easily found on the internet by malicious programs and viruses.

Firewalls can further be installed and run on servers for security purposes, helping block traffic that may otherwise damage your systems.

Benefits of a Firewall—How Does It Protect Your System

There are a plethora of benefits of installing a Firewall on your system:

  • By installing a Firewall, you can protect your systems from getting attacked through open ports.
  • You can ensure your PC is not bombarded with too many popup messages which are viruses, most of the time.
  • Ensure that malware and spyware don’t clog your web browser.
  • Keep your PC well-protected from potential threats.
  • Ensure that no hacker can install Trojan in your system. Installation of Trojan can give hackers full-control of your PC, enabling them to do whatever they want with your system.

Once you install a Firewall on your system, it will deflect all kinds of attacks and also give you warnings about potential threats in the form of alerts.

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