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Door Access System—What Is It?

To enhance and improve security in your business, consider investing in and installing a Door Access System. These are IP based door systems which are sometimes integrated with IP surveillance camera systems, providing a complete and excellent security system to business owners.

Door access systems offer authorised individuals both secure and safe access to different business parts while keeping out unauthorised people. Door access control systems can vary, ranging from simple electronic keypads designed to secure access to one door, to a large network of doors in the building. Door access systems simplify the management of the facility and also ensure excellent premises security.

Benefits of Door Access Systems

Here’s a quick overview of the benefits of a door access system:

  1. Helps keep out unauthorised users—ensuring that no unwanted or suspicious person can enter your premises without being authorised. It can be the parking area, server room, front door or a room that stores personnel records.
  2. Simplifies facility management—sparing you from replacing lost keys, wondering who does or doesn’t have access to certain business areas, and investing time in getting keys back from terminated employees.
  3. Provides you the power to manage access control apps with unmatched remote site capabilities.
  4. Ability to track employee movement such as when do they come and go.

Although a basic door access system only features a swipe card or keypad, for higher security needs to areas with organisation sensitive data, multiple types of authentication systems may be installed, such as door access systems with thumbprints. For more security, you can also install alarm systems and CCTV systems.

The door access system security software is installed on your PC and works smoothly with Windows. However, some access controls may only work with certain versions of operating systems, so make sure that the operating system is compatible with the door access system that you’ve decided to invest in.

eatures of a Door Access System

Timing—Allows you to specify and set times when the door should be locked or unlocked. This is useful for some doors in the organisation that are open for public use at some times.
Tracking—Keeps track of who uses the door at what time.
Template Layout—Enables you to create a high-quality blueprint of the organisation, plus also assists you to click through different points to change authorisation/permissions for doors.
Battery Backup—Allows you to keep your business premises secure, even when the power is out.

For more information about door access systems or service assistance, get in touch with us today. Our friendly and knowledgeable team of representatives is just a call away. Discuss your security needs and requirements with us and we’ll help you select a security system accordingly.

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