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Copier—What Is It?

A copier, also known as a copy machine or photocopier, is a heavy-duty machine that is widely used in offices, government sectors and educational institutes to make paper copies of various types of documents such as reports, presentations, flyers and more.

Most copiers today use xerography technology for making copies. Xerography is a dry process which uses electro static charges on photoreceptors that are light sensitive. These charges first attract the toner particles and then they transfer them on the paper, creating an image. The toner is fused on the paper with a combination of heat and pressure.

With rapid advancements in technology, today you can also find multifunctional copiers that boast the ability to not just print but also fax and scan. These are built to successfully handle all kinds of office requirements.

How to Buy a Copier for Your Business?

When it comes to buying a copier for your business, there are certain things you must keep in consideration. Here’s what you should focus on to ensure you make the best investment:

Consider Your Business Needs

If you’re a start-up business, then a basic copier may be good enough for you. However, for growing companies and big enterprises, advanced copier models may be a better option as these models can smoothly handle big volumes and can be used for creating multiple copies of company brochures and monthly newsletters to send to both your potential and regular customers.

Copier Speed and Print Volume

In general, a copier’s speed is measured in copies/minute. This factor can make a big difference when it comes to copier purchasing. Knowing how many copies you make on average per day can help you make a good copier selection decision. Select a copier that matches your copying needs. Remember, using a photocopier for volumes beyond its capacity, will more likely result in the machine’s early breakdown and that is definitely something you don’t want.

Check Graphic Capabilities

If you are investing in a copier for brochure printing purposes which you can distribute to your target audience, then do check for graphic capabilities of the copier. Copiers with excellent graphic capabilities have the highest resolution. These copiers offer both reliable as well as exact reproduction of the material that needs to be copied.

For more information about copiers and what other factors to keep in consideration when making your investment decision, get in touch with us today! Discuss your needs with our representative and we’ll help you in making an informed copier investment decision accordingly.

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