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Laptop—What Is It?

Unlike a desktop PC, a laptop is a portable computer that is either AC or battery powered. It is usually the size of or smaller than a briefcase, making it easy for users to carry around and conveniently use in spaces like airplanes, at meetings, offices and in libraries. Laptop computers generally weigh 5 pounds or less. And they are most often three inches in thickness and even less.

Laptops are also known as notebook computers. Some of the popular and renowned laptop brands include Apple, Dell, IBM, Compaq and Toshiba.

Though laptops cost slightly more than desktop computers but they are truly worth buying as they are portable and come with the same capabilities. Plus, they can be effectively turned into a desktop computer using a docking-station. A docking-station is a hardware-frame. This frame provides connections for I/O peripheral devices. Simply put, it enables users to connect their laptops to different devices with a single-plug. They offer the perfect balance between functionality and portability.

Advantages of Buying a Laptop

When it comes to buying a computer, many users often wonder whether to invest in a laptop or a desktop computer. Though desktop PCs have their own advantages, we will share with you some of the most prominent benefits of investing in a laptop and what often makes buyers purchase laptops over desktops.

Smaller in Size

For professionals who travel a lot for business work and meetings, investing in a laptop makes sense. As it is smaller in size as compared to a desktop PC, carrying it wherever you go is much easier and more convenient. Besides this, it offers the same desktop level functionality for almost every task. Additionally, the portability and functionality factors also make it easier for a laptop user to stay connected with peers and clients during business travels and make real-time decisions even when on the go.

Hard-Drive and RAM

The hard-drive capacity of a computer basically describes the space to store files, programs and other data on the system while the RAM determines the computer’s speed. Although desktop computers offer higher specs in both of these areas, laptops still make a better purchase option as they can be upgraded easily.

Feature Rich

In a desktop computer, additional input and output peripherals need to be added like a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to name a few. However, this is not the case with a laptop purchase. That’s right! A laptop is built-in with these and other value-added features like speakers and a web cam, thereby reducing the need to invest in extra peripherals.

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