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For businesses to spear through competition while securing an edge, it is important to adopt the latest in technology. Technological advantage can do wonders for any business regardless of the industry. When it comes to cutting-edge business technologies, AWS Amazon Web Services is definitely one technology that is taking the corporate world by storm.

AWS—What Is It?

AWS, also known as Amazon Web Services, is a user-friendly, sophisticated and an evolving cloud-computing technological platform launched by Amazon. It offers business owners across industries an advanced suite of impressive and performance boosting cloud computing services.

To provide the best in services to customers scattered world-wide, Amazon has strategically selected 13 geographical regions for service operation. In other words, Amazon has carefully and cleverly diversified its geographic location to minimise the outage impact and ensure the system’s robustness. These geographical regions have proper and centralised hubs in locations like the US, Brazil, Singapore, Australia, Ireland and Japan.

AWS Amazon Web Services Offered

AWS offers more than 70 services these include:

  • Computing services
  • Networking
  • Storage options
  • Database, application and analytic services
  • Deployment assistance
  • Mobile, management, and developer tools
  • IoT tools

Though AWS is growing rapidly both in terms of popularity and services however, the most impressive and best-known services among start-ups, SMEs and large enterprises that are offered by Amazon are:

Amazon Network Connectivity

This product helps create a private and dedicated network from your business premises to AWS with AWS Direct Connect. This network connection helps reduce bandwidth cost significantly and commitment to the ISP as the data is transferred to and from Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Data Migration Tools

Shift to AWS cloud with zero downtime and no data loss. Benefit from AWS data migration tools and make the big leap. AWS offers a variety of data migration tools and enables users to lift and shift data to cloud using whatever strategy that suits them best. Popular data migration strategies include:

  • Onetime large batches
  • Intermittent updates
  • Constant device streams
  • Hybrid data storage strategy

Amazon Auto Scaling

Amazon auto scaling feature enables users to scale Elastic-Cloud-Compute capacity as well as maintain app availability. This is a great feature as it ensures that the user runs EC2 instances at its optimal level. The system scales up instances and lowers them as needed, helping business owners maintain the desired performance while keep the cost of doing business low.

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