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Why Us

JJ Buzz Cloud is a leading  firm that provides one stop IT solution for your business. When it comes to choosing the right IT services provider, you deserve a company that offers tailored, cost-effective and friendly service with a reputation for delivering exceptional results. You deserve IT Solution!

Our Values

We are SME friendly, provide a solution system to you instead of just a pure infrastructure which does not fit to your total needs. We understand that not all customer will need a big server so we do not provide a one-size-fits-all product but a customized package. We provide flexibility and will recommend the most suitable package depending on your requirements. We engage with customer and listen to them so that we understand their needs and provide the best solution for them. We do not believe in selling you a standard package which will be useless to you if it does not fit to your business needs.

Professional Service with exceptional level of flexibility and responsive support

Our team of IT experts are committed to provide you with quality and timely service that always exceeds your expectations. We strive for continuous improvement as we pursue quality in every aspect of our business. We pride in the longevity of our client relationships and all geared towards helping you to ensure that all IT needs are well-taken care of.

Truly the one-stop IT Solution for your business

We are truly the One-Stop IT Solution services for your business. We offer outstanding IT support that is catered to your request. We offer a diverse range of IT services and we resolve any IT issues that you are encountering. Furthermore, we have established an extensive network of local partnerships with reputable and cost-effective firms that specialize in specific niche.

We’re here for you

We appreciate your patronage and understand that your time is very valuable. That is why our phones are answered around the clock by our directors and professionals instead of answering machines. Our directors are committed to serve you promptly, and because of their senior status, they can answer questions and make decisions without delay. Our policy respects your time.

Professionally Qualified

Our IT staffs are professionally qualified. We invest in research, technology, customer support and innovative designs. We strive to provide comprehensive services and full client satisfaction with our superior product knowledge and technical expertise.

Outstanding Value and Service Guarantee

With fair and reasonable pricing, our team is committed to providing you with quality and timely services that will surpass your expectation. We are able to achieve significant cost efficiencies by leveraging our investment in information technology and we are passing on these savings to our clients.

No Hidden Fees

JJ Buzz Cloud services fee is completely transparent – there are absolutely no hidden fees. No service organization is worth your trust if it hits you with undisclosed fees. Our fees are among the lowest within the high-quality segment of the industry.

Personalized Services

On top of quality and timely services, our aim is also to provide flexibility and personalized services to our clients. We assign an account manager in-charged to support each of our customer to ensure that they receive instant response with personal touch whenever the need arises. To facilitate and ensure zero IT interruption for busy entrepreneurs, we are contactable even after regular business hours.

Fast Response

Our service standards are high – our policy is to respond within 24 hours to every email or message we receive.

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